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This school year we have begun a European multilateral Comenius project called

In Search Of Talents

The school in Syrynia will be a coordinator of the project.

Our cooperation during Comenius School Partnership project is aimed among others to:

  • create opportunities to search and present a variety of talents in children who are gifted in different areas,
  • develop language skills through joint interdisciplinary activities

This project will be developed for two years: 2012-2014

Our Partner School in Great Britain

The English school, Castle Primary School in Northampton, is guided by the principle of understanding and respect for all regardless of age, race and ability. The school is located in the center of Northampton, the majority of children live in the area. Children come from diverse range of social, economic, cultural, religious and ethnic backgrounds. Children and teachers speak 32 languages. Many children come from migrant families,that is why English has become their second language, which they speak in school. Children are accepted into the school at the age of 5 years and end up education in the school at age 11. Children with special needs also attend the school. Currently 402 children are taught in school, there are 15 teachers and 25 supporting teachers employed. The school has 12 programs of extra curricular activities and after school clubs. The school also cooperates with schools in Uganda.

Our Partner School in Lithuania

The Lithuanian "Żejmiana" Gymnasium No. 1 in Podbrodzie (Pabradē) is the only Polish school in Święciany (Sventsiany) District. In 2008 the school obtained the status of gymnasium due to the high level of education. The school educates children in Russian, Polish, Lithuanian and English. Up to now 515 students attend the school, they study in grades one through twelve. The school has about 20 extra curricular activities and after school clubs: singing, drama, dance, sports, and others. A psychologist and speech therapist are employed in addition to the school teaching staff. The school strives to be modern and active institution. It takes part in competitions and projects. The "Żejmiana" Gymnasium educates children and young people from different social and economic backgrounds. There are also children with special needs who learn according to the programs tailored to them. The teaching staff is very involved in teaching and educational process, and has many innovative ideas.

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